Kat (dissolvedstorm) wrote in wmst_linkproj,

What's that? You want another conclusion? OKAY

Unfortunately, at the tail end of this project, it ultimately came down to two things: Either review everything for a huge, somewhat repetitive paper that is incredibly long, or condensing the rest of the communities into one big post.
Frankly, I know that I have not given it my all in terms of checking out communities. My reasons why are pretty silly, but hopefully have some weight:
1. Access. Gaining access to each board in the full requires joining a community. Sometimes, these memberships are moderated and have to be approved by the owners of the community before they can even start to look at posts. Frankly, I was not about to get happily welcomed into each of these communities, but without access to critical posts that may be hidden by the “friends-only” function, what can I do? Those are often the posts that have the most genuine emotions and candid thoughts.
2. Lack of time. I couldn’t check out each one of these communities everyday in order to properly gauge the atmosphere and overall attitude of the posters in the group.
3. Lack of interest. My previous post on problems I had with this project explains my mixed feelings towards the project.

This, however, will not be the last of wmst_linkproj! With any luck, I will keep adding more to it, even if I’m the only one that sees it. Unless it becomes completely derelict, there is no reason to shut it down. In spite of all of the other LiveJournal communities dedicated to the same topic, it seems like there are never too many more.
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