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Last minute review post!

Final group of quick info:
This community is dedicated to pretty much it’s name– it was created in order to discuss and fight the stereotypes and unrealistic standards of beauty that are found in most US media. Fairly active and requires moderator permission in order to join.

Troupes of female “cheerleaders.” They attend various activist events, giving a women’s point of view and a catchy image to attract others to their message. Not too active, and none of their websites appear to be working at this time.
One LiveJournal community covers the antics of a troupe in Salt Lake City: http://community.livejournal.com/pomsnotbombs/

Yes, Virginia, there are many anarchist feminists on LiveJournal. More than you might think, and they are pretty active, too! Who are they? “Anarcha-feminists believe that the struggle against patriarchy is an integral part of class struggle and the anarchist struggle against the State and capitalism. In essence, then, the philosophy sees anarchism as a necessary component of feminism and vice-versa.” (Wikipedia at http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Anarcha-feminism) Their user info gives several great resources for those more interested in learning about the movement.

Well, impending motherhood. Pregnant is the community to go to if you are, are trying to become, or have been pregnant. A well-moderated community for sharing advice, questions, stories or rants on the subject.

Because the majority of single parents are women, this is an important community to see the life of the single parent in action. Questions, answers, stories and pictures are all welcome in this fairly laid-back and active group.

Questions, answers and general gab on the subject, somewhat active.

On the flipside, here’s the place to come and talk about not wanting to have children and to support that choice for yourself or others. It’s basically cf_hardcore, with a lighter touch.
In case anyone was wondering, yes, there are people who don’t “get” the childfree movement. One of the more amusing ways to see the debate on this is to head over to the definition of “Breeder Bingo” at http://www.everything2.com/index.pl?node_id=1522864

You don’t want kids? You REALLY don’t want kids? This is the place to go for lots of ranting and mutual support regarding the decision not to have children. If you come in just to question that, you will get stomped. These women do not apologize and they do not back down. Nearly anything goes. At least they’re upfront about what to expect!

Some think that religion and feminism are not two great tastes that go great together, while others feel the opposite. Those wishing to integrate their faith and their feminism find mutual support here, no matter what the religion.

Yes, it’s the LiveJournal lesbian community. Possibly the most active lesbian community available to LiveJournal users, and one of the largest. The name says it all: Lesbians, discuss! Rather laid back, but not open to trolling. The user info includes a link to a list of lesbian-themed films for those interested.

Women’s Studies:
For women’s studies majors, minors, teachers and prospective students to discuss their work and views. Also open to those who primarily work with women as a profession. Pretty active with a basic set of rules.

History buff? Women’s history buff? Here you go, a community just for the discussion of women’s history in general.

Talk about feminist literature here!

If you are a female musician, or just a fan, you’ll find this place a great spot for discussion.

Take a wild guess on this one. This community is for the discussion of women’s colleges, and is open to current students, prospective students, alumni and faculty. General talk of political feminism is frowned upon unless it is somehow linked to women’s educations.
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