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Topic: Drama

Using “dramatic” as an adjective is a tricky situation, as the intensity of the emotions involved in the conflict can vary. On LiveJournal, it seems like “drama” immediately means that there is some sort of conflict that has created a ton of hoopla. Sometimes there can be just a little bit of drama between members of a community, and sometimes it can become an all-out defamation campaign.
The popular website ljdrama.org catalogs some of the most notorious, far-reaching and outright strange dramatic events. The site’s purpose seems to end there. Bring up LiveJournal drama fits, make fun of the people involved or what sparked the argument in the first place. In some cases, it may seem that these dramas arise from small and insignificant issues-- someone incorrectly credits an icon, someone misinterprets a journal entry, someone is offended by an off-hand comment or distasteful joke– and that is absolutely correct. The internet is mockingly described as “serious business” by sites like ljdrama.org precisely because of these incidents.
How this pertains to women’s issues is somewhat obvious. Rating communities can generate great deals of drama due to their already hostile environments. Communities related to parenting, healthcare at home and other personal issues suffer from differing opinions and what can be perceived as bad advice. This is another incidence of woman versus woman. Since many LiveJournal users are women, and especially so in communities targeted towards women, they have ample opportunity to become angry at other women on principle.
Note that there is also the use of the term “snark.” This is not drama, although it is seen as a cause of drama. To snark is to mock something, be it particularly stupid or just something that a given group does not agree with. The word “wank” is often used as well. Wanking used in this context seems to describe a large argument that ends up involving people who are even outside of the initial conflict. Wank is another term for drama, and I have found that frequently “wank” is used as opposed to “drama” in fandom communities.
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