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Women's Studies Link Project

The world of women on LJ

Women's Studies LJ Links Project
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Hello. This community serves as a starting point for a project concerning the various LiveJournal communities aimed at women. This is a final project for my Women's Studies class.
Membership is open, but posting is restricted. Comments are open, and anonymous posting is allowed, but IP adresses are logged on anonymous comments.
I am expanding the "Interests" section as I go, so some of this probably won't apply to the community postings right away. If you have any suggestions about what else to add, please let me know!

As this is part of an academic project, my language is going to be, well, academic at times. You may also find parenthetical citations, references to other sections of the project and the like. If you feel that I haven't cited properly for publishing on the web (as opposed to the paper I'm writing, wherein EVERYTHING has to be cited whenever possible) please feel free to comment! I like to give credit where credit is due :)

Each entry will include a description of the communities looked at, and how they relate to various topics that are reviewed in an introductory Women's Studies course. It also serves as an introduction to the popular community website, Livejournal.com, for those who are unfamilar with its "culture" of sorts.
There are several other communities on LJ devoted to this topic. They will be equally, if not more, helpful than this one. It is, for the most part, just a place to collect my information and organize it in a meaningful way, as well as to give other LJ users the opportunity to voice their opinions.

Right now, this is just a placeholder, to preserve the username and remind me to get my butt into gear and work on this project! As I become more involved in the project, I will actually post something. Feel free to join now, however.

I ask that you do not bring any drama that may result from this community to my personal LiveJournal. Thank you, and happy LJ browsing!